Planning the perfect wedding starts with hiring the perfect planner….

The average couple will spend approximately 250 hours planning their wedding. From hours spent perusing Pinterest for inspiration to researching and meeting vendors, the list of things to do seems endless. There is a lot of time and energy put into the planning process. Hiring an experienced event planner cannot only save you hours of time but will also provide you with expert guidance and the ability to maximize the potential for your wedding and your wedding budget.

At Status Events our approach to the planning process is a collaborative one. We will begin the process by getting to know you as a couple and getting a sense of your personality and style. This will allow us to understand your wedding visions and priorities so we can begin to map out your dream wedding.

Let us take your wedding from “concept to reality”!

For the busy couple that wants to keep life as “normal” as possible while enjoying the planning process, taking part in the areas that interest them and leaving the rest to a professional.

For the couple who has planned their own wedding but wants to relax and focus on the importance of the wedding day – your love for each other!

For the couple who prefer to plan their own wedding but want to keep wedding planning stress to a minimum by having the knowledge and tools of a wedding planner in order to maximize their wedding vision and budget.

No event is too big or small to plan. Contact us today for your free consultation.