Taxing Your Sweet Tooth – Candy Buffet 101

Candy buffets are rapidly becoming the most popular trend in events. This is a great way to add a unique element to birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and even at corporate parties.  Candy buffets are easy to assemble and a great inexpensive and modern way to build a conversation piece at your next party.

Here are a few tips to help you build a stellar candy buffet!


Create depth and height in your presentation table. Use boxes and phone books to create dimensions. You can cover the boxes with decorative paper or cover the table and your layers with matching linens to create a seamless display.

Use a variety of different vases, trays, and bowls to display your candy options. Be creative and tie in your theme. Use wicker baskets or small pails to portray a rustic theme, crystal bowls and submersible lights in each bowl/jar to illuminate your table for a more elegant feel. Using wide-mouth containers will allow guests to see what they are getting and get at it easily; avoid containers with lids as they will easily become broken or lost. Variety in vase shape and size will keep the eye engaged and the display interesting.

Add visual interest to your display. By creating attractive labels and signs for each candy variety your guests know what they are selecting and it is a great way to incorporate your theme or colour scheme into your buffet. There are a number of online resources for free printable templates, a quick Google search will bring you a wealth of templates to choose from!

Candy Selection

 Streamline your candy options. With all of the candy options out there you will easily become overwhelmed when selecting the candy for your buffet. Keep in mind the more options you put on the table the move overwhelmed your guests will be; a good target is 6-12 options. A great way to streamline your selection is going with a colour scheme, this will really make your table pop!

Don’t get caught buying too much! It’s easy to worry that you won’t have enough. If you are providing a meal, cake, and other late night options a good estimate per person is ½ cup (4oz). Save your larger containers for the more popular candies to really pull on that visual effect!